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I attempt to help bring them into balance like this mathematical formula so that they can attract the love they desire - some get it, some do not - but the energy still exists. The 6 represents the son of god, and is 3 times two, 3 being love expressed (love radiated out to others). In a 6 year the tendency is to expect to receive.

Personal year Number 6. Now you are facing the most emotionally intense personal year. This is a time of testing just how honest are we in our relations. Self-love is the lesson of this time. And Life itself will test if relationships you have are based on Love, Truth and Respect. It can be a very painful period,. in Numerology. Personal Year Six This is a year of relative contentment. It is a time when love is the easiest to attract, and partnerships formed under this vibration have a better chance for longevity. You are able to attract others, and material things as well, this year. This is a good year for establishing harmony in the. Whats your Personal Year Number according to Numerology- Find out here, as well as how 2017 will work out for you.. Too though, Ive always noticed that 6 Years are about continuing to put forth some real effort in your careerwork fields.. 7 Personal Year I tend to love 7 Personal Years. Every planet has its numerological meaning - Sun (Suriya) 1, Moon (Chandra) 2, Jupiter (Guru) 3, Rahu 4, Mercury (Buddha) 5, Venus (Shukra) 6, Ketu 7, Saturn (Shani) 8, Mars (Mangala) 9. Thus everything in universe that can be expressed in figures, can be expressed as planet, and from that - as energy that relevant. For example, to find the 2017 Personal Year Number for birth date December 11th, 1969, the calculation would be 12112017 15 15 6. Number 6 governs love, marriage, separation, and divorce and some people will experience these things in a 6 Year. Others will experience the 6 energy. Personal Year 2 A Year Focusing on Relationships of all Kinds Increased Social Life and Networking Desire for a Loving Relationship New Friendships Possibly. Personal Month 6 Time for tending the home fires moments of pure pleasure feeling joyful and happy with life considering making upgrades to your living. In numerology 2016 was a 9 year ( 2016 9), which is a number of letting go, and endings. Good news! 2017 is a year of. Instead of focusing about what you lack, plant the seeds of love and nurture them by giving attention to what you are grateful for and what you are doing right! 3 is a social energy,.

Glynis McCants is a celebrity numerologist and she returns to The Talk to discuss Personal Year Cycles.. Glynis has been studying numerology for over 21 years and is the author of the books Love by the Numbers and Glynis Has Your Number.. Personal Year Cycle 6 Celebrate new opportunities. Your personal year number description plus free numerology readings. Which goes from birthday to birthdate. I am a number 9, same as Kurt Cobain, jimmi Hendrix, courtney love. The humanitarian of the numbers and suited more to arts then industry. I am also in the nine year and feels like i am waiting to be reborn.2012 is a 5 numerology which is an unsettled time and most. PERSONAL YEAR. DECEMBER 2017. 9 Personal Month. So if you could write a song about this year, what would the genre be? Im thinking a torchy relationship-themed song la Taylor Swift or Adeleor a folksy country song about the power of family. Either way, the year has brought a bunch of home and family issues. Personal Year Love. Healing the Third Eye Chakra (love, vision, harmony, creativity). A common time to move or renovate your home, especially from April. Youll want to nurture yourself. Work life balance becomes a priority. Family and loved ones may need your assistance. Its common to meet partners and or decide. Personal year 6. Number six in 2018 foretells of freedom lust love and enchantment. There is magic in life some of us, see it all our lives. Others dont get to see it at all. The number six in 2018 has the opportunity to see and feel the magic of life first hand. A truly liberating experience awaits the number sixes. This is a very positive personal year number for getting things in order and really honing in on what matters. Think of your family or your personal relationships, your home, and the health and harmony of those you love around you. Health and personal relationships are important to the personal year 6. This is the time to pay.

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Travel, writes numerologist and empowerment coach Vikki MacKinnon, especially for pleasure, is best done in an odd numbered personal month. (Add the number of your personal year to the number of the calendar month. 6 for June, 7 for July etc. Each of your personal months begins on the same day as your birthday.). The keywords for this year are Duty, responsibility, love, home and family, justice and peace, emotional influences. The number 6 is associated with wholeness, and during this cycle you may be aware of some aspect of your life that needs attending to so that you can feel complete. For example, you may have unresolved. Numerology offers an accessible tool to ramp up your possibilities for a successful love match. Or at least. The year of birth is 1985. Add all. The 6 Life Path is the home and family number and often thrives when working with justice-related issues, in the creative arts, or anywhere that a sense of beauty is required. The 6. 6 years numerological a time that should be devoted to family, partner, spouse, cherish the love and fosters feelings. The next 12 months will bring happiness, harmony and fulfillment in family life, the time in which we want to regain balance. After the previous five years, you will want to relax and breathe in. This is a number 6 Personal Year for you. A personal year 6 tends to bring on increasing responsibilities and a deepening concern for family, loved ones, and close friends. It may be a year when you are called on to make some adjustments in your life, or sacrifices for those in your family or close circle of friends. This is not.